Hi! I’m Vicky.

I’m a (currently freelancing) full stack developer. I built and maintain ApplyByAPI.com, Introduction - a theme for Hugo, CompressTest.com, this useless thing, and some silly apps and games that you can find on my GitHub. I regularly write for technical publications on Medium, and author a coding blog dubbed -verbose.

I’m involved with the freeCodeCamp nonprofit and run the freeCodeCamp Canada Slack. I may or may not be responsible for a tweet or two.

I also created heronebag.com, a resource and personal blog about nomadic living out of one carry-on bag. When I’m not coding or blogging, I moonlight as a photographer, write short stories, practice yoga, and on the rare occasion, sing. Sometimes I even sleep for a while.

I aim to take full advantage of what little time we have, and if you feel the same way, I’d love to collaborate with you.

github · twitter · email