Hi! I’m Vicky Lai.

I’m a (currently freelancing) full stack developer. I design, build, and maintain ApplyByAPI.com, open source themes for the static site generator Hugo, this useless thing, and more side projects that you can find on my GitHub. I regularly write for technical publications on Medium, and author a coding blog dubbed --verbose.

I contribute to the freeCodeCamp nonprofit where I mentor students and run the freeCodeCamp Canada Slack. I might be responsible for a tweet or two.

I’m nomadic and work remotely. Say [email protected].

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An effective, automated pre-screening solution for technical hiring. ApplyByAPI addresses the need for organizations to pre-screen candidates effectively in a scalable manner, without consuming additional human time and effort.

Python, Django, Stripe API, jQuery, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, RDS

Themes for Hugo

Responsive, full-featured, and customizable themes for the popular static site generator Hugo. Focused on minimalism and adaptability. Open source on GitHub.

Pug, Sass, gulp/Node.js, jQuery

A post-apocalyptic Simon game

A reinvention of the classic Simon game with an RPG theme, implemented in JavaScript as a finite-state machine. Offers a choice of play modes with custom CSS effects.

A substitution cipher unicode converter

A single-page app that instantly converts plain-looking letters into their fancier extended unicode character representations. It uses an algorithm based on the Caesar cipher from classical cryptography. Further details in this article.

Automated meal decisions with emojis and Google Maps

Randomly generated food emojis suggest what to eat and where to get it near your current location.

jQuery, W3C geolocation API, Google Maps API


Fresh output from the blog